Trigger Point Injections

trigger pointsTrigger Point Injections:  Trigger points are irritated, often painful nodules or spots located in taut bands of muscles.  When compressed these “trigger points” cause a “jump-like” sensation and/or referred pain to another part of the body.  For instance, you may have a knot in a muscle around your neck, that when compressed, causes pain into your face or down your arm.

Trigger Points are not the same as tender points, which do not produce pain or cause referred pain.  Tender points can often be treated with massage, stretching, yoga, Gua Sha, etc.

Trigger Points are uniquely treated at our office with very fine Acupuncture needles and Homeopathic Medicines to “deactivate” the painful nodules.  Trigger point injections are helpful for Scar Tissue, Chronic Neck and Back Pain, TMJ, Shoulder Pain, Hip, Knee, Ankle, and Foot Pain.